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Personal »


The first 20 years


An history of my live - from post war child to Wirtschaftswunder teenager


The ???? »


Soon to come - 1970 - 1983


Work »


At the moment I'm working at Nilfisk's headquarter at Brøndby near Copenhagen, Denmark.


Hobbies »


The family, socializing and learning are the things I love most.

Astronomy, photograping,  movies, relaxing and motion and so on I do in the different moods I come in.


Traveling »


Traveling is what I have done all my live. As child on bike from Den Helder to Amsterdam and later by plane all arround the world.


Links »


All sorts of links with more detailed information on my interests.



Some of my interest:


At the office

Google Earth, My favorite application

Nilfisk-Advance (link)

Meade ETX-90 (link to Meade)



Da Vinci Code

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