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26.01.09 - 28.01.09 »


Nico attended ITIL Foundation V3 Training


17.01.09 »


I have purchased another web creater program and will start to develop a new web site with more editing possibilities. This will take time, because I have to learn it as well from scratch. But, it will be fun.  Keep an eye on and see devellopment under construction.


01.01.09 »


We whish all of you a really happe new year



24.12.08 »


I recieved the login name and access code from DK-Hostmasters and could make the changes of the DNS so it started pointing on

Just in time to give the family their new e-mail addresses and sending and recieving seasonal wishes for Christmas


23.12.08 »


DK-Hostmasters send an e-mail telling that there was an error with a very old hotmail address, which I hadn't used for ages and was closed down.

They will send me a login and a pin code to their site so I could make the necessary changes


19.12.08 »


The change was still not yet active and I contacted Speednames.  They found out, the when creating the domain ten years ago, I used an e-mail address which hasn't been existing anymore for ages. I had to contact DK-Hostmasters. Which I did


12.12.08 »


I ordered the change of the domain name provider from to

After nearly ten years at speednames, I found it cheaper and easier to administer the webside and the e-mail addresses at























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The links under the pictures are only temporary and will in the near future be linked to our respective personal home pages


The e-mail addresses under Hanne's and André's name and pictures are allready functioning. Don't hesitate to send an e-mail - just to give ideas to improve this website or a kind greeting


The link under Nico's picture is forwarding you to his subsite with histories of his live, work and freetime.


Under the "Family pictures book" you find a link to our pictures book.  There are only six pictures - more as a test.

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